Dept. Transportation & Infrastructure


Commuter Routes

The Cherokee Nation Transit program in coordination with Pelivan Transit, Kibois Area Transit System (KATS), and Muskogee County Transit (MCT) have several commuter-routes that span over numerous counties. These commuter-routes are listed in the Multi-Purpose Schedule. The schedule is available in the downloads section below. These routes are arranged by the letters “A” through “J” to indicate the order and date the bus line was placed into service. All commuter-routes are open to the public for anyone needing transportation to the specified locations within the established timeframes. Fares are $1.00 round-trip or 50 cents one way with free rides on Fridays.

NOTE: Your destination may include a transfer to a different bus line and/or a different bus line in the morning as opposed to the evening. Transit stops marked with an "*" are used only when needed. If you did not ride to one of these stops in the morning, the bus will not automatically stop there in the evening. You must call the appropriate provider before 3:00 pm in order to receive a ride from one of these stops.