Dept. Transportation & Infrastructure

Cherokee Nation Transit

The purpose of Cherokee Nation’s Transit program is to provide safe, reliable, and low-cost transportation for Native Americans to employment, healthcare, places of higher learning, and other vital destinations through commuter-routes and demand response services.

The Cherokee Nation Transit program began in 2008 with Ki Bois Area Transit System (KATS) to provide tribal employees and the general public with low-cost transportation to employment sources, also known as a “park-n-ride” commuter-route service, from Stilwell to Tahlequah.  In 2009, Pelivan Transit came on board to begin the Pryor to Catoosa route and, since then, the program has expanded to include demand responsive services and additional commuter-routes through Muskogee County Transit (MCT) and Cimarron Public Transit.

Demand Response

This service is for Native Americans and Cherokee Nation employees who are unable to utilize the commuter routes and do not qualify for assistance programs.


Transit has operation agreements with four providers to maximize the number of drivers, dispatchers, and vehicles available for public transportation.

Commuter Routes

Established routes open to the public from various pickup locations to specific places in established timeframes.